Lucious Handmade X Hamilton Taylor Made

Furniture designer/makers Luc Fauvrelle (Lucious Handmade) and James Taylor (Hamilton Taylor Made) have shared a design workshop in Melbourne since 2015. Conversations on design, process and the reality of furniture manufacture in Australia have resulted in the release of their first collaboration, The Staple Collection.

Being aware that achieving simplicity in design is a complex task, the focus was on distilling the designs to a primary level of form and function. Explorations in balance and negative space led to the prototyping of a range of minimal designs in steel rod.

Crafted using only sustainably sourced hardwoods because we know that quality, enduring materials are integral to any piece of honest furniture.

'In a world of constant consumption, replicas and throw-away furniture, we are proud to say that The Staple Collection is for keeps.'

Designed and Made in Melbourne.